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The Commonwealth of Nijmegen is certainly granted since 1337, when the first citizen book was constructed. At the citizenship were not only rights but also obligations related, such as the co-defending the city. As rights could be called include obtaining an office or may join a guild.

The citizenship, which was granted until 1811, now has some significance, hence the word former citizenship because descendants of time adopted citizens are entitled under certain conditions to benefit by or care in urban Almshouses, such as Old civic Hospital (OBG).

A prerequisite to receiving benefits or to be included, that the applicant can provide proof that he is descended from a citizen. If one wished to use in the 18th century by the law, then they often put a citizen letter - of himself, of his father or grandfather - and was considered proven pedigree. After 1811 there is no citizen letters were more provided. For any application had to be examined whether the applicant will be descended from an old citizen.

It was also regarded as a descendant of an old citizen, as proven ancestor member had been a guild or an office had held, because it was assumed that one could not have been a member of a guild could have neither held any office without possess citizenship.

So there was a great need for a good overview of former citizens in general. This resulted in a printed edition of a name list of persons who possess the Nijmeeg's former citizenship, which by decision of the Board of Regents of the OBG was on May 18, 1881 "drawn up and adopted. The above name list was supplemented by several archivists and improved. After 1945, there was a need to record the different stem sequences again. This collection of maps, now with the whole OBG archive is housed in the Municipal Nijmegen, is the source from which the data were collected, among others. The collection includes nearly 300 strain ranges.

The question is: this strain ranges are reliable? A booklet was tracked by the regent college of 'not proven or rejected genealogies. This booklet contains some seventy fragment genealogies, actually stem sequences, some of which after all "proven" was considered; the other series with 59 different fragment genealogies would after closing the register for "unproven or rejected 'are. (For more information: p.69-89, Searchlight in Nijmegen, Nijmegen Quarter section of NGV, Nijmegen 1980)


Genealogy Pierre COURBOIS
I Pierre (Peter) COURBOIS, storekeeper, baptized (NH) on 01-10-1673 at The Hague, buried on 01-12-1739 in Nijmegen at the age of 66, >> adopted as member of the Walloon Congregation The Hague, April 10, 1694; settled in Nijmegen and obtains citizenship 25-09-1709 (S.3541); charged 11-03-1711, amount 6.15, - with note; << daughter married citizens.
  Married (1) at the age of 35 on 25-12-1708 in Nijmegen with Roelofken Muijser, 29 years old, baptized (NH) on 19-08-1679 in Nijmegen (witness (es): Jan Moeser, Magdaleen Bernts, Johnny Egberts), deceased before 1714 in Nijmegen, daughter of Jacob JURIAENS Muijser and Jannetje SIMONS.
  Married (2) at the age of 40 on 08-04-1714 to Hees (Nijmegen) Catharina DIETSZ, 35 years old, baptized (NH) on 18-12-1678 in Nijmegen, buried on 19-03-1756 in Nijmegen at the age of 77, daughter of Peter and Catharina DIETS BRUIJL (Burgel).