Jacobus Hendrikus Courbois 

*21 Nov 1879 - †10 Jun 1945


a) Internment: Civilian Internee in Japanese hands detained in Java civil internment camp.
Information about death: Died in Java civil internment camp on 10.06.1945.

Prisoner of War: 2)
War Victims Monument: 3)


1) (See Photo 1879 Birth Certificate-Jacobus Hendrikus Courbois)

2) (See Photo ATTESTATION-The International Committee of the Red Cross Second World War)

3) Original Email:

Maybe is't nice for you to know.
Last may we placed a monument in the town-hall off Dinkelland (places Weerselo, Denekamp and Ootmarsum) with on it the names of all the 368 victoms of the war who ever lived in our community. We also publiced their biography.

One off the victoms was Jacobus Hendrikus Courbois. After his father died, he lived from december 1887 till august 1891 in the "Sint Nicolaas gesticht" in Noord Deurningen-Denekamp. (His sister Alberdina lived untill may 1893 in the "Radboud internaat" in Ootmarsum.)

Werkgroep Oorlogsslachtoffers Dinkelland

War Victims Monument
On May 4 after the march a monument was unveiled in the town of Dinkelland with the names of the 368 identified victims of war, which have had a relationship with the municipality Dinkelland (and its predecessors). Also, the four particular books with biographies of the victims were presented. In the municipality Dinkelland the Local History Societies in Ootmarsum, Denekamp Local History Foundation and the "oalde municipality Weersel" active. Together they have taken up the initiative to all persons who by acts of war, violence, racism or discrimination have been killed and by birth, residence or death had a bond to identify with this community. To achieve its goals is a joint working group "War Victims Dinkelland "is set. This has the past two years conducted intensive research into the names and biographies of these people died. Meanwhile, 368 people have been inventoried and feature a biography. The names of these persons are engraved in a mobile memorial. After consultation with the council opted for a special monument. This monument will be situated in the town of Dinkelland and can on special occasions, such as the annual Remembrance Day and Veterans Day, fulfill an important function. Be in four particular books by former municipality (Denekamp, ​​Ootmarsum and Weerselo) next to the names also the biography listed per victim. Furthermore, it is envisaged that through the municipal website, with a link to the websites of Local History Societies, consult the names and biographies are.

4) (See Photo Victim Register-Courbois, JH)
Section: II Number: 181
OGS Victim Registry
Headstone Details
Cemetery name Dutch Cemetery Menteng Pulo Jakarta
Name on headstone J.H.Courbois
Birth 1879 - Zwolle,
Death 1945 - Jakarta, Indonesia

(See Photo Death Record Jacobus Hendrikus Courbois)
To-day the 10th of May 1946, compared for me ELST Gerard Johannes, officer of the Civil Registration of Batavia [family name =unreadable]……., Master Karel age fourty two years, occupation officer at the Department of Justice living in Batavia, who declared to me that on the 10th of June 1945, being the hour of death unknown, in the Sint Vincentius hospital in Meester-Cornelis passed away COURBOIS, Jacobus Hendrikus born at Zwolle (Netherlands) aged sixty–five years, without occupation, retired employee at the "Hollandsche Aanneming Maatschappij", lately served as gunner first class, last residence at Soerabaja, hus-band of TAMPI, Neeltje , without occupation, living at Batavia, son of the married couple COURBOIS, Derk Jan and KONSMAN, Johanna of both of them occupation and residence un-known and of these facts this certificate has been made, that ,after reading by the comparant and me has been signed.

During the war with Japan there was no civil registration in the Neth.-Indies. So after the war in the years 1946-1948 of most of the Europeans, who died during or because of the war in the whole archipelago are made death certificates in the capital city Batavia.