Lodewijk Hermann Baumanns 

*24 May 1915 - †?


a) According to the 1918 Wedding Certificate-Baumanns-Maholetty at the end of page one (and also the marginal line) it becomes really interesting. There are named 3 children, born before the marriage and by both parents legally accepted as their children:
a. Catharina Carolina Henrietta Baumanns born 11-7-1911 in Magelang
b. Johanna Francine Klarine Baumanns born 31-12-1912 in Magelang
c. Lodewijk Baumanns born 24-5-1915 in Magelang.

b) Mr. Lodewijk Hermann Baumanns

Accouding to the ‘Other Information’ of his POW card 2 (this card contains older informations) Probably he was first in Java no.2 branch camp (in Tjilatjap?), then transferred to Java no.3 branch camp (in Surabaya). He was transferred from Java no.3 camp to somewhere on 3 Februari 1944. Destination is not mentioned in ‘Other Information’, but probably to Batavia (Java Main Camp), because there are two numbers of Java Main Camp mentioned in ‘No.’. He was also in a Thai-camp according to the info in ‘Camp’.

According to his POW card 1

He was transferred to Thai 10 camp in January 1945. He was liberated on 12 October 1945.

From the informations above, I can tell you that He was on board NN Maru 16 (name of the ship unknown), as part of Java Party 25 (his name is on the list), and He was on board Haruyasa Maru.

NN Maru 16 / Java Party 25:

Dutch Roster NN Maru 16:

Haruyasa Maru:

About Thai-10 camp
This camp was first in Long Thanh, in Vietnam. In May 1945 they moved to Lien Khuong, Vietnam.

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Prisoner of War: 1)


1) Japanese Internment Card WWII POW (See Photo Japanese Internment Card WWII)

Mr. Lodewijk Herman Baumanns

In Java he was probably first in Tjilatjap (Java 2B), then moved to Surabaya
(Java 3B), after that moved to Batavia (Java Main Camp). But I cannot find
in which camp he was (there were many sub-camps).

8-1-1945 departed from Batavia with the ship (name unknown)
11-1-1945 arrived at Singapore
4-2-1945 departed from Singapore with the ship Haruyasa Maru
9-2-1945 arrived at Saigon
18-2-1945 arrived at Long Thanh
2-5-1945 moved to Lien Khuong
12-10-1945 liberated at (place unknown)