Hermann Baumanns 

*17 Apr 1859 - †1925
Military: 2)
  • 24 Mar 1882
Record of Payment: 3)
  • between 21 Jun 1896 and 1925
Residence: 4)
  • 1925


1) Personal description: face: oval; forehead: normal; eyes: grey; nose: normal; mouth: normal; chin: round; hair: brown; eyebrows: brown. (See Photo Birth Record-Hermann Baumanns 1882)

2) On 24 March 1882 he was voluntarily engaged as a soldier for 6 years for the colonial troups. He was lightly handicapped with his right-leg, but not troublesome. Finally he stayed in the army till 16 June 1896, when he arrived with the ship "Koningin-Regentes" back in Amsterdam.

3) (See Photo Record of Payment-Hermann Baumanns) The record of the payment of the retired pay for Hermann Baumanns. As you can see the first payment was made on 21 June 1896. The payments done from 1916 are specified. As you can see: the last payment was done for the last quarter of the year 1925. This means that he died in that quarter and that he reached the age of 66 years old. On the top of the page is written that the payment was done by the company of Huygens and Son in the Hague. This is a less important fact but more important is that there was mentioned his place of living: Gladbach. This name is scratched out (we suppose that this was done when the payment by Huygens had started).

4) Verlustlisten 1. Weltkrieg, page 13.123: Baumanns Hermann (M.-Gladbach)
Page Number 13123
Ausgabe 1029
Datum 1916-06-27
Last name Baumanns
First name Hermann
Ort M.-Gladbach

5) (See Photo 1916 Germany WW I Casualty Lists-Hermann Baumanns) The photo contains World War I (1914-1917) casualty lists for the German army. The lists include soldiers who died, were injured, or went missing during the war. (leicht verwundet-slightly wounded)