Wilhelm Hermann Baumanns 

*18 May 1892 - †?
Wedding: 2)
Occupation: 3)
  • Workman at the Netherland-Indian Railway Company
  • 12 Jun 1918


1) (See Photo Birth Record-Wilhelm Hermann Baumanns 1892)

2) (See Photo 1918 Wedding Certificate Baumanns-Maholetty and Wedding Announcement Baumanns-Maholetty) Wilhelm Hermann Baumanns married on 12 Jun1918 in Soerabaja with Louisa Maholetty. The record has some errors, with the corrections in the marginal line as you can see. Wilhelm Hermann Baumanns was 26 years old, born in Semarang, workman at the Netherland-Indian Railway Company, living in Soerabaja, son of Hermann Baumanns (profession and residence unknown) and the native woman Sarina (without profession, living in Magelang) Louisa Maholetty was born in Parakan, Temanggoeng, 25 years old, without profession, living in Soerabaja, daughter of Franciscus Gerhardus Maholetty, foreman of the Netherland-Indian Railway Company and the native woman Lingkrek (Singkrek?) without profession both living in Djokjakarta. The rest of the text is not that important, but at the end of page one (and also the marginal line) it becomes really interesting. There are named 3 children, born before the marriage and by both parents legally accepted as their children:
a. Catharina Carolina Henrietta Baumanns born 11-7-1911 in Magelang
b. Johanna Francine Klarine Baumanns born 31-12-1912 in Magelang
c. Lodewijk Baumanns born 24-5-1915 in Magelang.

3) Occupation stated in 1918 Wedding Certificate-Baumanns-Maholetty