Liessa Keijner 

*30 Nov 1892 - †?
Confirmation: 2)
  • 6 Jul 1916


1) (See Photo Civil Registration Baumanns-Keijner and 1916 NIEUW ADRESBOEK van GEHEEL NEDERLANDSCH-INDIE-Baumanns-Keijner) Transcription of text in document: 'Today the 5th of May 1915 appeared before me William Petrus Alphonse Kloprogge (?) officer of the Civil Registration in Semarang Max Anton Baumanns born in Batavia old 34 yrs, of profession mechanic for the Governmental Telephone Service, living in Semarang, adult lawfully recognized son of Hermann Baumanns deceased and of the 'inlandsche' woman Sarina, without profession, living in Semarang and Liessa Keijner born in Semarang old 32 yrs, without profession, living in Semarang, adult lawfully recognized daughter of Maurits Keijner deceased and of the 'inlandsche' woman Jemoe (?), without profession, living in Semarang who requested me to go on with solemnizing thei intended marriage, to which purpose they handed over the following documents, kept by this office, as evidence, knowingly First an act of 'beke...heid'? intended as replacement of the birth certificate of the 'comparant' bridegroom Secondly the birth certificate of the 'comparante' bride Next was checked by me that the annnouncements of this marriage in Semarang had well taken place, on Sunday the 11th and on Sunday the 18th April 1915 and without [objections] have ended [I can't read the objection word but it must mean something like that] In margin: 'Jacobus old 33 yrs, of profession superintendent of the Governmental Telephone Service, approved crossing through of 18 and the addition of 14 words (Signatures) Then the Bridegroom and Bride were asked if they each other as husband and wife, according to what the law says about the state of marriage faithfully shall adhere to, answered confirmingly, I have, in the name of the law executed that they are now married to each other, such in the presence of Jan Dionysius Schuin old 26 yrs of profession mechanic of the Governmental Telephone Service and of Hendrik Jurjens Walter Schelp old 21 yrs of profession workman at the 'Nederlandsch Indische' Railway Company [these last 3 lines are crossed through] both living in Semarang And is hereof this act made up and after reading, by the mentioned 'comparanten', the witness and me signed. (Signatures)

2) (See Photo 1916 Name Confirmation-Liessa Keijner)