Charles Christiaan Baumanns 

*29 Apr 1916 - †3 Mar 1966


a) Mr. Charles Christiaan Baumanns

According to his POW card,

He is transferred to Tokyo no.8 dispatched camp (Tokyo 8D, later Tokyo 9B) on 17 November 1943. He was liberated on 8 September 1945 in Yokohama. The last camp he was captured seems to be Tokyo no.8 branch camp (Tokyo 8B). However, there is no description that he was transferred from Tokyo 8D to Tokyo 8B (it is usually mentioned in ‘other information’ when a POW is transferred from one camp to another).

There are two possibilities:

1) He was transferred to Tokyo 8B, but not mentioned on the card.

2) He was not transferred to Tokyo 8B and stayed at Tokyo 8D (= later 9B).
In that case his liberation should have been on 4 September in Yokohama.

However, there were no Dutch POWs in Tokyo 8D (Tokyo 9B) at the time of the end of war. That means that he was in Tokyo 8B at the end of war. Probably he was transferred to Tokyo 8B on 14 August 1944.

About Tokyo 8D (later Tokyo 9B) Ashio Branch Camp 1

Established as Tokyo No.8 Dispatched Camp at Sunahata, Ashio-cho, Kamitsuga-gun, Tochigi Prefecture on November 10, 1943. Renamed as Tokyo No.9 Branch Camp in August, 1945. The POWs were used by Furukawa Mining Company.
245 POWs (210 American, 32 British and 3 other nationality) were imprisoned at the end of the war. 24 POWs died while imprisonment.

About Tokyo 8B Hitachi Motoyama Branch Camp

Established as Tokyo No.12 Dispatched Camp in Hitachi Mine at Motoyama, Miyata-cho, Hitachi City, Ibaragi Prefecture on March 5, 1944. Renamed as Tokyo No.8 Branch Camp in August 1945. The POWs were used by Nippon Mining Company. 293 POWs (145 Dutch, 80 British, and 68 American) were imprisoned at the end of the war. 5 POWs died while imprisonment.


From the date on which he arrived at Tokyo 9B, I can tell you that he is transported by the ship called Makassar Maru from Java to Singapore, then by Matsue Maru to Moji, Japan and arrived at Moji on 15 November 1943.

Makassar Maru:

Matsue Maru:

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  • 1958
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1) Today Wednesday the fifth of April nineteen hundred thirty nine compared for me Verblik, Hendrikus Joseph, extraordinary clerk through legal impediment by accomplishing other official duties of the ordinary clerkof the civil registration of Semarang, in the morning at 10 hours

BAUMANNS, CHARLES CHRISTIAAN born at Semarang the twenty nine of April nineteen hundred sixteen old three and twenty years, without profession, living at Semarang, never been married before, of age, son of Baumanns, Max Anton, retired clerk at the Post, Telegraph and Telephone-service and of Keijner, Louisa, without profession, both living at Semarang

and COURBOIS, MARIA born at Soerabaja, the twenty eight of June nineteen hundred eighteen old twenty years, without profession, living at Soerabaja, never been married before, under age, daughter of Courbois, Jacobus Hendrikus, retired soldier and og Tampi, Neltje, without profession, both living at Soerabaja,

who asked me to pass on to the execution of their intended marriage and me for that purpose handed the following documents, admitted in the appendices of this register:
1) the birth record of the bridgeroom
2) the birth record of the bride
3) the certificate, proving that the public notice of the marriage properly happened at Soerabaja and without opposition
Further was stated by me, that the public notice of the marriage properly happened at Semarang and without opposition.

Next appeared for me Baumanns, Max Anton, old fourty eight years, retired clerk at the Post, Telegraph and Telephone-service and Keyner, Louisa, old fourty four fears, without profession, both living at Semarang, who declared to consent to their son, the comparant bridgegroom to contract this marriage,

and Courbois, Jacobus Hendrikus, old fifty nine years, retired soldier, and Tampi, Neltje, old fifty two years, without profession, both living at Soerabaja, who declared to consent to their daughter, the comparant bride to contract this marriage.

The after this question posed in public by me to the Bridgegroom and bride, if they accept each other as spouse, and will accomplish properly all the duties, committed by the Law to the married state, being affirmatively answered by both,

I did pronounciation in name of the Law, that they enter the marriaged state, and such in the presence of Martherus, Willem Hendrik Fredrik, old sixty two years and of Bouchard, Fritz, old sixty seven years, both without profession and living at Semarang

and is certificated and after reading signed

2) Japanese Internment Card WWII POW (See Photo Japanese Internment Card WWII)

Mr. Charles Christiaan Baumanns
26-9-1943 departed from Batavia with the ship Makassar Maru
30-9-1943 arrived at Singapore
22-10-1943 departed from Singapore with the ship Matsue Maru
15-11-1943 arrived at Moji, Japan
17-11-1943 arrived at Tokyo 9B1 camp in Ashio, Tochigi prefecture
14-8-1944 moved to Tokyo 8B camp in Hitachi, Ibaraki prefecture
8-9-1945 liberated at Yokohama

3) Prisoner of war in Japanese hands detained in Java camp (according to a radiogram dated 07.06.1943) (See Photo ATTESTATION)

4) Ned. Prisoner of War in Java (See Photo HET VOLK: dagblad voor de arbeiderspartij 1-4)

5) Transferred from Java camp to Tokyo camp on 17.11.1943 (according to a radiogram dated 02.11.1944) (See Photo ATTESTATION)

6) Detained in Tokyo camp on 15.08.1945 (according to an undated list) (See Photo ATTESTATION) (See Photo Japanese Pow Camps-WWII-Front and Back)

7) We saw there still exists a document of 18 pages of your
grandfather Baumanns from 1958, where he asked the dutch gouvernement for
financial support for his wive and children to get decent clothes and money.
He asked it not for himself, but only for wive and children.

8) Occupation: Factory Worker Webb Co
Spouse: Maria Baumanns

9) Emp Webb Fixtures